Grant Management

Grant Management

Forward Management can serve as your grants liaison or guide you on reporting, budget compliance, and sponsor requirements. Additionally, we monitor progress to improve program delivery and ensure adherence to local, state, and federal guidelines.

Our Grant Management Services also include the following:

  • Defining the terms and conditions of your grant award, including payment processes, cost sharing, and program income requirements.
  • Helping you create a strategy for accomplishing your grant goals and objectives, including assisting with the hiring process and building/implementing systems and processes to track grant activities against funder expectations.
  • Supporting you in meeting your required financial and performance reporting requirements.
  • Guiding you through any changes in budget or scope that you might have for your grant.
  • Supporting the communication process between you and your awarding agency.
  • Guiding you through end of grant issues, including close-out.
  • Educating your staff on grant management tips and system revisions for improving management of current and subsequent grants.
  • Creating an optimal relationship so you can take advantage of our other professional services such as grant writing and evaluation.

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